Lift Lebanon Campaign

The August 4th explosion in Lebanon has left at least 130 dead and more than 5,000 injured – with those numbers expected to rise in the coming days.

While still reeling from the tragic death and pain, our brothers and sisters in Beirut will face devastating food, hygiene and health needs that were already severe given the COVID-19 and economic crises that have left so many vulnerable and in need of aid.

In response to this rapidly growing humanitarian need, Zaman International is partnering with International Medical Corps on a "Lift Lebanon" fundraising campaign.

Through International Medical Corps, privately donated dollars are leveraged, on average, 30:1, ensuring that your contribution, no matter its size, will have a significant impact.  Every $1 donated unlocks an additional $30 in grants from institutions, donated medicines and supplies.

With your help, International Medical Corps, which is already leading a robust COVID-19 response effort in Lebanon, will be supporting local hospitals and health facilities to secure medical consumables and supplies. Tragically, much of these types of supplies were in storage at the port prior to the explosion.

Please consider donating what you can and share this campaign with your network. A swift response is needed to prevent further suffering and loss of life.

Click here to donate as a company or organization, or complete the form below to donate as an individual.


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